Our policies

Health and Safety Policy

At BFCG we are committed to providing a safe workplace for our employees, contractors and visitors; and to plan our work responsibly in order to minimise impact to the environment. Our objective is to provide a “Zero Harm” workplace, through active leadership at all levels of the business, with informed decision-making based around our core values of People First, Exceeding Expectations, Continuous Improvement and the Community. With this commitment realised, BFCG will achieve its vision to be market leading preferred suppliers.

Quality Policy

BFCG’s quality objective is to meet or exceed our customer requirements and expectations in a pro-active, professional and cost effective manner.  BFCG is committed to  

  • Consulting with clients and stakeholders to fully understand their requirements and to meet or exceed their expectations;
  • Recognising that Quality is fundamental in achieving excellence and ensuring a quality culture within BFCG, supporting governance and compliance to our systems and processes;
  • Ensuring BFCG’s management system meets ISO 9001:2008 requirements and that they are integrated into all business activities;
  • Using industry best practices to identify, eliminate and minimise project risks;
  • Establishing and achieving measurable Quality objectives and targets;
  • Investing in the most appropriate technology solutions;
  • Ensuring our systems are flexible and to encourage new ideas, technologies and innovations;
  • Ensuring all employees understand and take responsibility for their own work;
  • Developing and maintaining a Undertaking surveillance programmes across all business units, implementing preventive and corrective actions where required;
  • Actively seeking feedback from clients and stakeholders and addressing opportunities or areas for improvement and levels of satisfaction; and
  • Reviewing and revising our Quality Policy periodically to maintain relevance, effectiveness and appropriateness to our business.

Environment Policy

BFCG recognise that we conduct operations in a fragile and ever changing environment. BFCG strives to prevent pollution and seek continual improvement with respect to emissions, discharges, wastes, energy efficiency, resource consumption and overall environmental footprint. BFCG has developed and implemented a comprehensive integrated Environmental Management System certified to the requirements of ISO14001:2004.

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